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My Lumia 920 died. Why is it not charging or starting up? In real-world use, the Lumia is a generally competent performer, but there are areas where it still needs improvement. For example, while the camera app is quick to load, it generally takes three to four seconds to capture the first shot. Likewise, cold-booting takes somewhere in the second range, which is about twice the time we've come to expect from modern smartphones. Perhaps its strongest point is that it grabs its GPS positioning from satellites nearly instantaneously.

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If you're unfamiliar with Windows Phone 8, we encourage you to read our full review , which delves into the benefits and drawbacks of Microsoft's latest mobile operating system. First on deck is City Lens, which is Nokia's own version of Local Scout, but with a greater number of categories and an added augmented reality component. The utility will also allow you to see how much data individual apps are using; for instance, when we set a 30MB limit for the day, NFL Mobile accounted for 17MB of usage. Dec 27, Nokia Cellular Phone. They are just listed in alphabetical order.

That's a nice touch, given the company's emphasis on location-aware apps. Those who demand excellent call quality can also rest at ease, as all of our calls were consistently clear and free of distortion. Likewise, those on the other end were similarly impressed with the clear call quality. As for battery life, we were easily able to squeeze more than two days out of the with light to moderate usage, as the phone runs very efficiently in standby mode.

In a more strenuous test -- which involved constantly snapping and uploading photos, messaging, browsing the web in sunlight and navigating throughout town -- the Lumia chewed through half of its battery capacity after four hours.

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Meanwhile, the Lumia survived for 2. When it came time to juice up, we found that Nokia's micro-USB charger was able to take the battery from empty to full in two hours. From our experience, it generally takes longer to charge phones wirelessly, although we weren't able to test this with the Lumia Nokia prides itself on stacking its phones with excellent camera hardware, but it also has a reputation for finicky setups that often require users to fine-tune the settings in order to capture the best possible shots. Fortunately, the 's camera is on its best behavior; the phone is able to produce some impressive shots even in auto mode.

By default, the camera is set to capture images at When you choose to take a picture, the camera will activate the LED flash to help assist its focus, and from there, it takes a moment to lock in on the subject before snapping the actual shot. In this sense, the camera isn't the speediest, and its software offers no option for burst photography, but your patience will be rewarded with quality results. In all but the rarest cases, the Lumia properly meters light and delivers accurate white balance.

We're also particularly fond of the 's tap-to-focus feature. Nighttime performance is generally adequate, but it pales in comparison to the low-light photography that's possible with the Lumia We often found it necessary to stabilize the phone on a flat surface or rely on the flash -- otherwise, you risk capturing an unusable amount of blur.

True photo junkies may cringe at the relatively limited options for fine-tuning photos, which is limited to ISO, EV, white balance and a selection of scene modes such as close-up, night, sports and backlight.

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Unfortunately, the interface also makes it difficult to preview the adjustments, as the options menu covers most of the screen. Nonetheless, the camera is very well-suited for casual photography, and users can further apply stylistic filters to their images with Nokia's Creative Studio app. Accessible from within the camera application, you'll also find shortcuts to Bing Vision, Cinemagraph, Panorama and Smart Shoot. Each of these apps are known within the Windows Phone ecosystem as Lenses, and you'll find the ability to install additional Lenses within the Windows Phone Store.

You might already be familiar with Bing Vision, which allows users to capture QR codes and Microsoft Tags, and search for books, movies and albums by scanning the barcode or cover. Meanwhile, Cinemagraph is mostly for novelty sake -- it allows users to create moving images by recording brief scenes and then choosing specific areas of the scene to animate.

The idea is to combine the quality of a still photo with the motion of a GIF, but as we quickly discovered during our review of the Lumia , the files are converted to a still JPG format when you attempt to share the animation via email, Twitter or Facebook. Needless to say, this oversight severely hinders Cinemagraph's appeal.

Meanwhile, Panorama is a one-trick pony, but it's dead simple to use, and generally delivers excellent results. Out of all the Lenses, Smart Shoot is the most intriguing, as it incorporates features found in Scalado Rewind and Remove.

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Smart Shoot captures a series of images and then allows users to eliminate undesirable elements like cars or pedestrians. It's also quite handy for group shots, as you'll find the ability to choose the best faces from a handful of images and then combine them into the best possible photo.

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Smart Shoot is a bit finicky and still requires you to be on top of your game when taking pictures, but when it works properly, it's nothing short of magic. Video capture on the Lumia is somewhat of a mixed bag. To the phone's credit, it records p video with a high amount of detail and good audio quality that places an emphasis on minimizing background noise.

Colors are generally accurate, although it's plain to see that the white balance shifts a few times during our short clip. This isn't nearly as distracting, however, as the overall jelly-like motion and jitters that are hard to avoid unless you're able to hold the phone perfectly still. Needless to say, the Lumia lacks the fancy optical image stabilization technologies that you'll find in Lumia , and the difference is immediately apparent.

For comparison sake, we've included sample videos from both the Lumia and If you're unfamiliar with Windows Phone 8, we encourage you to read our full review , which delves into the benefits and drawbacks of Microsoft's latest mobile operating system. One particular sore point is its app ecosystem, as developers haven't rallied behind Windows Phone to the same extent as Android and iOS. We hope to see this change in the near future, but for the moment, you may experience some growing pains of your own with Windows Phone 8. If you'll recall, however, we hinted at the beginning of this review that Nokia has loaded the Lumia with its own assortment of useful apps, which may be enough to sway your decision in favor of the Nokia.

We've already discussed some of these titles in the camera portion of our review, but you'll also find a number of location and navigation based apps, along with Nokia Music. First on deck is City Lens, which is Nokia's own version of Local Scout, but with a greater number of categories and an added augmented reality component. The app is fun and packs a certain "gee whiz" element, but it's also quite useful when you're looking to familiarize yourself with new surroundings. Oddly enough, City Lens demands that users calibrate the compass whenever loading the app, which is frustrating and seems a bit unnecessary.

What's more, once you select a place of interest, you'll be kicked over to Nokia Maps, which takes a few seconds to load. Do this a few times and the wait times really begin to add up. As another frustrating point, Nokia Maps suffers from a lack of photos and reviews, which means that you'll probably need to turn to Foursquare or Yelp for genuine insight. City Lens shows a lot of promise, but it'll need a lot of polish to become a serious contender to other location-based discovery apps.

While City Lens has a certain experimental feel to it, the Lumia begins to shine with Nokia's navigation apps. Without mincing words, travelers and commuters alike should give serious consideration to a Windows Phone from Nokia, as Drive and Transit are two apps that could very well be worth the price of admission.

Nokia Drive provides free, voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions, but as a unique twist, it's also capable of storing maps locally on the handset -- nothing short of a godsend for times when you navigate outside of mobile data coverage. Not only does this extend to maps for all 50 states, but you can also download maps from most countries across six continents. Nokia Drive also alerts users when they're speeding, and offers the ability to avoid potential nuisances such as toll roads, ferries, tunnels and unpaved roads.

We used the app for a quick test drive and came away with the same impression of our full review: Nokia Transit does only one thing, but it does it really well. The app serves to guide users through their commutes and journeys with public transit, and it fills a much-needed void on Windows Phone. The app is easy to use, and thanks to its step-by-step maps and guidance, transfers are a breeze. Another nice perk: Another fantastic app is Nokia Music, which combines a store, a service known as Mix Radio and concert listings into a single hub.

Mix Radio is without a doubt the standout feature, however, which is similar to Pandora, but it turns things up to 11 by eschewing the ads and allowing users to download tracks for offline listening. The concert listings is certainly a welcome bonus, and as a nice touch, you'll often find links to purchase tickets from your phone. The latter may be handy for new users, which seeks to import data from other phones via Bluetooth. If you're not a fan of any particular Nokia app, you'll be happy to know that you can uninstall anything you don't want.

You'll also find an app entry for Zynga Games, which merely serves as a shortcut to download the ad-free versions of Draw Something and Words with Friends. The Nokia Lumia is an undoubtedly solid smartphone, but its ultimate undoing is the Lumia , a better device that costs less money.

If you're unwilling to jump ship from T-Mobile, Nokia's custom software also throws a wrench in the equation, because you'll need to choose between superior hardware that does less HTC 8X , or a relatively inferior smartphone that does more Lumia So long as you're aware of the alternatives, we have no qualms recommending the Lumia All products recommended by Engadget were selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company, Verizon Media.

If you buy something through one of our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. The Buyer's Guide. US Edition. Log in. One of my favourites is Nokia Music, which you can find out more about in Media, further down this review. Another Nokia app I found particularly useful was City Lens.

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Another Nokia app worth mentioning is Trailers. The latest trailer for the new Trek movie — the second teaser aired during the SuperBowl — appeared on the app the day after it was broadcast. That these apps are made available free of charge makes the Lumia range as a whole even more compelling. While there are now well over , apps according to the Windows Phone Store on the platform, so many of these are the usual stocking-fillers found in any mobile ecosystem — from useless apps that regurgitate feeds pulled from elsewhere to endless inferior clones of apps that already exist.

But while Windows Phone remains the third or fourth platform for which big brands develop their apps, many potential buyers will, understandably, look elsewhere. The result is a handset that breezes through the operating system and its apps more or less effortlessly. While I wasn't able to test the device on 4G, it performed well enough on 3G - in a speed test that I conducted at home where signal strength with my carrier is typically less than stellar , it consistently achieved between 3 and 3. This may not seem remarkable, but bear in mind that on my "unlimited" tariff, T-Mobile caps speeds at 4Mbps down and 1Mbps; in that context, the was actually doing a pretty good job, and frequently succeeded in achieving better speeds from the same location than my It took over a dozen attempts at tapping the two devices together before they finally performed the handshake that allowed me to send the pic from one to the other.

I also found that the had an uncanny ability to retain cellular signal when other devices on the same network — including a Samsung Galaxy S III and my own Lumia — were left frantically clawing for a connection. Connecting to wi-fi networks often took a bit longer than expected; where other Windows Phones and Android handsets quickly connected to my home network, for example, the sometimes took a couple of seconds longer.

This was particularly annoying when I left the handset unattended for a couple of minutes and the screen would timeout; each time I switched it back on, it would require another lengthy reconnection cycle to the network. But in all other respects, the performance of the device was exemplary. Media playback was smooth and unhindered, while games never struggled or stuttered. Let me start by telling you what you already knew: That mild indentation proved a bit problematic, easily accumulating pocket fluff after a day in my jeans or in my bag.

Below that glass panel sits the 8-megapixel sensor of the camera itself, featuring a familiar Carl Zeiss lens that has become synonymous with Nokia, and is capable of Full HD p video recording and taking xpx still shots. Even so, the camera generally managed to pick up a good deal of detail, although some shots with objects at various depths served up mixed results, with objects in the distance often appearing rather fuzzy.

Sometimes, it required two or three attempts to get the right result; other times, the camera managed to grab a great snap the first time around. Some outdoor shots suffered when light became a bit more limited. In this shot, the scene appears darker than it actually was, so although there's some good detail exposed, the overall contrast suffered, making it hard to see the rather cross-looking duck on the bank by the lake. The camera excelled in close-up shots with details being exposed well and in focus. The camera app allows you to tap on the screen to select an object to focus on.

Using a plant on my windowsill, I first tapped on the plant to make it the focus of my shot, which captured an excellent amount of detail both of the plant and the contents of the plant-pot, while the grounds and other buildings around were nicely blurred in the background. I then reversed this, by tapping on a tree in the background while still aiming the camera at the plant; the resulting shot perfectly focused on the outdoor scene, with the much closer plant moving out of focus.

Very pleasing. In low light conditions, the camera was less remarkable, although pretty much on par with the majority of shooters found in smartphones in the same price range. Here, a comparison with the current smartphone leader in low-light, the venerable Lumia , seems less unfair.

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In this sample shot, the struggled to capture anything other than bright light sources. The did a good deal better, making out a lot more detail in the poorly-lit scene. While the struggled to capture any detail in such conditions, the at least managed to expose a lot more of the scene, although the results from both devices was far from perfect. There are various options and settings baked into the Windows Phone camera app to help you make adjustments depending on the conditions of the photo you want to take.

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The Lumia comes with a pretty miserly 8GB of onboard storage, but this can be easily and affordably expanded with a microSD card up to 64GB , and through the 7GB of online storage offered via SkyDrive. When you connect the to your computer, it will appear in File Explorer as a connected device, allowing you to drag and drop audio, video and image files and documents, just as you would to a connected drive, for example. For experienced users, this is far less tedious than using the Windows Phone apps for Windows 7 and Windows 8, but those apps are how the majority of users will manage media between a computer and their handset.

In practice, though, you can get away with never connecting your to a computer at all. Updates are handled over the air; you can download or stream music or video directly to your handset; you can back up photos automatically and access them via SkyDrive; share to, and open photos from social networks; and access all of your documents from the cloud via SkyDrive or other apps.

However you get media on to your , consuming it is a pretty decent experience. The headphones offer crisp, clear playback, with classical strings never sounding too shrill and thumping bass never descending into a dull thud.

Nokia Lumia 822

You can adjust various settings, such as bass and treble, but I found that the default settings generally offered the best balance across a full range of audio genres. Your mileage may vary, of course - audio enjoyment is highly subjective. You can also use the app to create your own mixes, listen to your own music stored on the device, buy additional tracks, or find information on local music gigs in your area.

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A new subscription-based version of the Nokia Music service is starting to roll out, which offers additional features, such as unlimited downloads, higher-quality audio, lyrics, and access to music on PCs and tablets, at a lower price than equivalent services from Spotify and Xbox Music. Video playback is also pretty good on the While Windows Phone 8 offers no integrated video store, you can of course get video via apps such as Netflix, or by syncing it over from a computer. Playback of local video — including high-definition content — was smooth although there was some occasional artifacting and motion blur during explosions or quick pans , while streaming video over wi-fi was equally decent.

Given the low resolution of the screen, however, you obviously won't be able to watch HD content at its native resolution. WMV, H. Routine, sensible usage — occasional web browsing, an hour of audio playback, a few minutes of casual gaming on the train, a couple of YouTube videos and sending a few emails here and there, along with some phone calls and text messages — will see the battery get you through the day.

But there are some noteworthy aspects to the in this area. First of all, its battery is removable.

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The OS also features a Battery Saver mode, which can be switched on or off. The device can be charged via its microUSB port, connected either to a wall socket or a computer. Wireless charging is a lovely addition, but for many users, I fear it will be cost prohibitive. Is it a necessity? Is it cool? I have a confession to make.