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Free WhatsApp Messenger Nokia X6 Java Apps Whatsapp Currently has million active users on all platform including Android,iphone,windows and Nokia. Android is not a cheap mobile. So how can you get whatsapp for java phones. Here I Explain how can you download whatsapp free messanger for your java phones.

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PPP 24 Mar 13 ples whatsapp. I can't install whats app on my nokia E Navruzbek 6 Dec 14 hi can i install what's up messanger for nokia Am using Nokia Lumia I have lost whataap vision I need to update is again. Anusha 26 May 15 Hw we can download wats up for nokia n70 plz tel.

This trick is work for all java phones like samsung and nokia. How to Download and Install Whatsapp for Windows 7,8 and 8. Get more more interesting article like this in your inbox Subscribe to our mailing list and get daily new articles and updates to your email inbox. Prev Article Next Article. Download Whatsapp for Java and Nokia Mobiles.

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Everyone Known whatsapp is popular instant messanger for. Android Mobile. Uwemedimo 7 May 13 Get me above. Addai Sethi 11 May 13 I love whatsapp. Kunle 11 May 13 I ve tried downloading dis application on my nokia N70 but all to no avail Playboy Insyaf 99 12 May 13 slankers. Innoh 12 May 13 installed whatsapp on my nokia E63 and is saying check clock. Brian 14 May 13 I cant download watsapp i my nokia e Ali 14 May 13 goooooooood.

Gopi 15 May 13 Hi dora. Kashif 16 May 13 Excellent app. Orowhe Prince 17 May 13 Want to download whatsapp. Sushant pathania 17 May 13 This is amezoo. Sara 17 May 13 I love it so much. Rahul 18 May 13 My ph nokia file crupet whatsapp how to do? Akash Awathi 21 May 13 Yo yo Mandeep 21 May 13 Not sported in E Apostle Agyemang 9 Jun 13 I love it. Anas 26 Jun 13 nyc. Mujeeb 27 Jun 13 I installed whatsapp but alwys msgng me to chec and correct phone clock. HasaN 2 Jul 13 not supported on nokia n Tshego 11 Jul 13 Wow i need whatsapp.

Tony 11 Jul 13 i want to wats up in my mobile nokia JMV 16 Jul 13 hi!! Vasif 25 Jul 13 salam. Nago Brian 31 Jul 13 Whatsapp download for E Dipti 1 Aug 13 oh god plz get installed to my phone. Ineed help. Sunil sharma 4 Aug 13 Salut. Mohamed 4 Aug 13 pls help! I want to down whatsapp on my nokia express but i can't. Dj om jou 5 Aug 13 i love it. Mussah mwaxy 17 Aug 13 Guyz hw cn i dwnload d whatsap app? Wise-man 19 Aug 13 I nid wtsup what to do?

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Azaz khan 21 Aug 13 Mast h yaaaaarrrr I like thissssss. Ghori mushtaq 25 Aug 13 It installed but not working. Ash 28 Aug 13 check time and date is the message am getting yet my date and time are okay. Paul 29 Aug 13 I have Nokia e72, can you please help me to re download whatsapp.

Havva 31 Aug 13 salam. Sandeep singh 1 Sep 13 Nokia e Lord 3 Sep 13 Nice. Doris Kalangi 4 Sep 13 I did dowload whats up successifully Said ahmed 21 Sep 13 once upon a time. Rodger Raw 25 Sep 13 how to install whatsapp e Patricio 3 Oct 13 instal watsap in my nokia C Kanat 11 Oct 13 Kotakbastar. Mani 16 Oct 13 Dounload. Abdulmannankhan 17 Oct 13 whatsAppmessenger. Anil mishra 18 Oct 13 hi wats up. Whatsapp in nokia97 not suportet,i'ts unablle. Brendan Jayne 23 Oct 13 thanx man.

How do i do it.


Haroon Diwan 26 Oct 13 heloo aevriwon. TN 3 Nov 13 thax. Adeyemi Oloye 4 Nov 13 nice. Ibrahim 17 Nov 13 i would like to be one of the proups who use whatsapp. Hammad jamil 21 Nov 13 I want what's upp on my phone. Andrezinho 22 Nov 13 Na boa. Sunil Joshi 24 Nov 13 suniljoshi gmail. Suthar 27 Nov 13 wow what a app! Tipu sharma 5 Dec 13 Ossom. Dipesh parmar 12 Dec 13 how can i download whatsapp in my nokia c Vipul 16 Dec 13 Hi, all.

Mahesh kumar 19 Dec 13 whats up download for nokia n Arun 22 Dec 13 N73 wts up is nt working. Shahzim 25 Dec 13 my whats up is not working. Osama 25 Dec 13 whats up is not working on nokia plz guide me. Abdul aziz 27 Dec 13 How to install in n Andrew D 29 Dec 13 Hello,hope you are doing well?

Noobie 4 Jan 14 erm can i download it from lappy itself and transfer it to my phone? Chibyk 5 Jan 14 Wants to get this page. Prem bhie 12 Jan 14 Rana. Kumpret 14 Jan 14 Gabung dong. Mahendra babal 23 Jan 14 Good. Amrollah 3 Feb 14 Thank you. I would like to install whatApp on my phone but do'nt know how. Majid 7 Mar 14 Great. Sikander 9 Mar 14 Great. Pramod dayma 11 Mar 14 nice. Sardar Mehdi 12 Mar 14 hello. Shahid khan 23 Mar 14 Nice name. Always file corruptd..

M Waseem ali wsso jee 29 Mar 14 amazing. Nick 29 Mar 14 Lets see. Jossy 31 Mar 14 miss u. Stephen 8 Apr 14 Even after downloading da updated version, the first page which opens says "Version Too Old". Kinyati mwangi 9 Apr 14 Thanx 4 making communication easier. Young mobimo 16 Apr 14 God is all oluwa is highly involve. Aziz 9 May 14 how to download wahtsapp latest version in Nokia E5.

Jim 10 May 14 Good. Strugller 21 May 14 Sir i needed whatsapp for my n73 me rm device.. Richard 28 May 14 How can i download watsapp on my nokia E Khan yusuf 28 May 14 How 2 download whatsapp in nokia e Shan Tuz 7 Jun 14 supprbb: Woow 11 Jun 14 Woow. Antwi Eric 13 Jun 14 Ghana. TrustGod Mkandawire 20 Jun 14 I need more friends on whatsapp. Rovsen 22 Jun 14 happy. Man2 5 Jul 14 Not working for n73, any old version located? Tariq 4 Aug 14 not working whatsapp messanger in nokia n Ayush singh 1 Sep 14 Ayush. Asad qureshi 25 Sep 14 how to dawnload whatss up for n Nupur 10 Oct 14 How to download watts app in Nokia n90, the old version saying file corruptted.

Ashutosh Mishra 27 Oct 14 how to dawnload whatss up for nokia n70 From. Whats app for nokia N72 25 Nov 14 Nitinrahangdale24 gmail. Navruzbek 6 Dec 14 hi can i install what's up messanger for nokia Nope 16 Dec 14 Fake!!! Beto Junior 26 Jan 15 I become a man. Vaseem ahmad 22 Feb 15 how we can download whatapp for nokia c5.

Hari 26 Feb 15 Sleeping. Anil 18 Mar 15 File corrupted,how is this. Ojoade oluwatosin 23 Mar 15 nice. Ashish sarkar 27 Mar 15 its hot. Blaas 28 Mar 15 it is orite. Salina 16 Apr 15 wharsapp. Satish 20 Apr 15 I have tried this app on my Nokia N 73 but it is still saying "your phone is too old".

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Rabin 21 Apr 15 Good. Seema A Awan 21 Apr 15 Great. Eshwar singh 22 Apr 15 whatsapp download for nokia n Chandu 30 Apr 15 I download whatsapp. Suman Bhakta 4 May 15 Super hits. Williams 4 May 15 Why is it that i can't download Whatsaap in my Nokia e72? Anusha 26 May 15 Hw we can download wats up for nokia n70 plz tel. Shabana bebe 31 May 15 It is very useful.

Muhammad ali 13 Jun 15 nokia c5 download whatsapp. Osman 26 Jun 15 Whatapp. Dj Saurabh 28 Jun 15 This whatsapp app is not sport to nokia n73! FSL 13 Jul 15 Good. Plse some 1help me Ayeni 30 Jul 15 I wat 2 download new version an is open. What a problem???????? Shan mirza 10 Aug 15 Whatsapp for nokia e Ubay 11 Aug 15 angele. Xtar 16 Aug 15 Plz i have being trying to download whatsapp for nokia E63 but to no avail plz kindly help me tanx.

Jaydip 20 Aug 15 Thanks. Mahedi Raax 22 Aug 15 why? Bjorn 22 Aug 15 Good. Afolabi Toyin John 4 Sep 15 i love whatsapp. Tiger Baloch 12 Sep 15 please help men any type of systen its shoud be works without any network. Akash Vadar 13 Sep 15 kadak. Podoshky 15 Sep 15 Wow! Jubin Jas 28 Sep 15 whatsapp for e63 is very nice. Nokia e 72 30 Sep 15 super. Mboma 2 Oct 15 Ive been trying to download whatsApp for nokia E63 but to no avail pls kindly help me tanz.

Daisy 23 Oct 15 Ts nyc! Gopi 14 Nov 15 I like. Keston nyambose 3 Dec 15 Fine. Maalo phillip 4 Dec 15 Watsapp download. Kule 7 Dec 15 problem with downloadwhatsApp. Surat 8 Dec 15 i like watsaap somuch. Munna 13 Dec 15 wow what a messenger. Abhishek 22 Dec 15 I download the what's app in XpressMusic and it's installed but it's ask check time.. Abdullah Nasir 4 Jan 16 mukhalefat se meri shkhsiyat sanwarti h Main dushmano ka bada ahteraam karta hun. Vinay 27 Jan 16 Nice chat. Betrisca munai 11 Feb 16 Saya nk whatsapp.

Burhan 7 Mar 16 Great. Blessing chinenye 8 Apr 16 Pls i nid help link 4 downloading whatsapp on my n70,send it 2 my fb my username z blessing chinenye. Abdul Sattar. A87 17 Apr 16 Unable to send MP3 and other audio files. Alisher 1 May 16 whatsapp. Pranjal Patel 10 May 16 Army.

Amar Nath Singh 12 May 16 nice. Adnan ali 29 May 16 wow i like this app. Vajid 5 Jun 16 Good app. Musa 29 Jun 16 I need whatsapp. Frost Muhammad 4 Jul 16 It only brings anothr app am having asha dual sim. Sagar sahu 11 Jul 16 Whasapp. Jesse 13 Jul 16 It's so amazing! Murad Patankar 21 Jul 16 none. C'est marrant les keufs et gentlemen. Milon Paul 13 Aug 16 plces dawnlon. Anu 20 Aug 16 Pls help me.. I can't install whats app on my nokia E How can i do it??? Thank you. Poor help less 26 Sep 16 Hi i tried to download my whatsapp so now it downloded it ask me to set my time and date so i tried to set it but the rasult is same.

Gauravnegi 12 Oct 16 Nice. Jack 16 Nov 16 I can't down load watsap on nokia 5mp. User 17 Nov 16 Norm. A 19 Nov 16 i want to install this whatsup. Karabo 20 Nov 16 Just wnt to talk with other people. Puja 12 Dec 16 Download free whatsapp for nokia c5 Ansari arshad 15 Dec 16 whatapp. Faizan 11 Jan 17 how 2 download whatsApp in Nokia C Aditya 30 Apr 17 Sir please. Mohd yaseen 22 May 17 2. Narendra malik 26 Jun 17 thish version till work on july 1 Usman 19 Jul 17 Whats app does not work on my phone C.

Parvej Alam 14 Aug 17 Hello, sir nokia e63 me whatsapps supported nahi hai. Tell me. I never install it! Because of network. Nilesh mishra 28 Nov 17 I installed a whatsapp on nokia e5 00 lekin time aur date sahi hone par bhi galat bata raha hai likh raha hai please check your date and time. Solanki Vishnu kumar 3 Feb 18 My setting is also done but whatsapp is saw; incurrect date my date is currect Solve my problem. Harish 28 Feb 18 It asking me the date and time.

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WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messaging app which allows you to exchange messages with your friends and contacts without having to pay for SMS. Found 2 Free WhatsApp Messenger Nokia X6 Java Apps. Download Nokia X6 Java Apps for free to your S60 phone or tablet. Why not share and showcase your.

Amandeep 19 Mar 18 mst hhh app. Ajaj 20 Mar 18 I can't use whatsapp for Nokia E6 can u help me please. Alex 7 May 18 Get a new phone: P n97 is damn old. Gulabchand 17 May 18 Kumar. ISA 3 Sep 18 tym setting. Ak 16 Oct 18 Good.