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How Do I Stop The Podcasts App From Auto Downloading Episodes?

go to site But if you know the URL of the podcast you want to subscribe to — if, for instance, you pay for a Patreon subscription and have a special private URL to subscribe — then you can enter that URL to subscribe. These are kind of like smart playlists that contain only certain podcasts.

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You could have a station for news podcasts, for example, or one for awesome Mac podcasts. To create a station, tap the same Edit button as in the last section, then tap New Station. Name the station.

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Here you can tweak all kinds of settings for the station — limiting it to audio or video, only showing unplayed episodes, and so on. At the bottom of the list is the important Choose Podcasts button. This lets you pick from a list of all your subscribed podcasts, and choose just the ones you want to include.

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Disclaimers and Our Latest Sitemap. You could have a station for news podcasts, for example, or one for awesome Mac podcasts. If you are on a limited LTE connection, this can ensure you always have news episodes downloading when you get home or to work. Instead of graying out the episodes you can't play in such an instance, both apps smartly remove them so you see only the downloaded episodes you can play. Loading page content. Weirdly, someone else came in and edited the wording of this post after I published it.

To find these settings again in the future, just open up the station by tapping its name in the Library tab, and then tapping the Edit button at the top right. The layout of the Podcasts app is a little confusing at first. Your podcasts, ands their episodes, can appear in both the Listen Now and the Library tabs. Listen Now is a list of your podcast subscriptions, more or less in order of how they arrived.

To listen to the latest episode, just tap it in the list. To view other available episodes, tap the purple text label that reads something like 3 episodes. If no further episodes are available, the purple text will be the same as the name of the podcast.

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Also tucked in here are the individual Settings for that subscription:. Here you can set pretty much everything, from the sort order of episodes, a limit on the number of episodes or the time period you want to include — from one day to one month , which episodes to keep, whether to delete played episodes, and even a custom refresh schedule.

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This last option is useful if only one of your podcasts is daily and the rest are weekly. You only need to refresh the daily show more than once a day. The Library panel is pretty much just a way to get to the above settings screens, only it shows a grid of subscription thumbnails instead of a list of episodes. Notifications can be customized for each podcast, either in the settings section above or by heading back to the Listen Now screen and tapping the little notification icon.

Why I'm giving up on Apple's Podcasts app

This brings up a list of your subscriptions, where you can set a switch to customize notifications per feed. When you get a notification, you can play the episode by tapping it, or you can long-press on the notification to see a list of available episodes, and pick one. Some podcasts will simply not play when I am using cellular data. It just says episode unavailable. I can start the podcast on wifi then switch over to cellular data and it continues playing.

Posted on Apr 5, 2: Page content loaded. Apr 13, 2: Had same problem- Podcasts wouldn't play over mobile data connection. I wasn't trying to download them but just stream them. Only did this with certain podcasts, not sure if it's to do with file size. Now bear in mind I am still not actually downloading but streaming, yet turning this setting off allows me to stream the podcast.

Hope this helps. Sep 6, Have the same problem.

But surprisingly only with BBC podcasts. After many emails to the BBC they said the problem is with the apple podcast app.

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Sep 7, 1: Sep 10, Finally I have found people with the same problem. Podcasts stopped downloading over mobile data a few months ago.

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iPhone Podcast Download Not Working, How-To Fix These download related problems include issues with podcasts not downloading at all. Can I Use Cellular Data To Download iPhone Podcasts? It's possible that podcasts are not downloading on your iPhone because a software file check out our article on what to do when Wi-Fi isn't working on your iPhone.

Apple support and a store Genius had no idea and both said it was the fault of the BBC. My Android phone works no problem - so why is it the BBC's fault? It is really annoying. Sep 11, 7: And I contacted BBC and they said there isn't any problem on their side. They said the problem is with the apple podcast app.

Playing podcasts in iOS 6's Music app

I had to download another podcast player RSSradio. I am happy with it so far and I can play any podcast, including the BBC ones.

The interface is a bit different and reminds me of the old apple podcast app. Sep 11, Rssradio is the answer! Lovely interface and works very well.