Sony xperia z flashing white light

Please help us improve our website He just came to me for help. I tried pressing the power button to no avail. I tried to charge it for around 30 minutes, but still nothing. If else, it gets hotter Now my guess is that this phone is currently stuck inside the android OS itself, with the white LED blinking from his previous notifications.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra - Random Defective Blank Screen (DOA - Dead On Arrival)

It just stops, froze, and I must wait until this phone ran out of battery and I'll try to charge it to see if it will revive. My other guess is it's stuck somewhere while starting up and those white LED blinking means something Until then, anyone else have the same problem?

Btw, this phone is pure stock. No modification done, not even root. ROM updated to the last version as of today July 18, Maybe try the reset button under the sim cover at bottom of phone If so, then the update must have failed XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Are you a developer? Terms of Service. Hosted by Leaseweb. Thread Search. Thanks Meter: By jamesalfred , Member on 18th July , Thread Deleted Email Thread.

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Here is a trick that can get your phone up and running in less than 30 seconds! On most other smartphones all you would have to do is remove the battery cover, pop the battery out, count to ten, put it all back together and BOOM your good to go. A second level reset or more simply a battery pull is a great fix for many common smartphone issues. A simulated battery pull will simply tell the phone to reboot, to turn itself off and then back on. To do a simulated battery pull on a Sony Xperia you basically follow the same steps as you would when doing a simulated battery pull on the Motorola Atrix HD , all you have to do is hold the Volume Down button and then the Power key and hold these two buttons down simultaneously for about seconds.

Depending on what type of phone you have you might need to try using the Volume Up button instead. So if your Sony Xperia is still frozen or will not power on then try holding the Volume Up and the Power key at the same time for 20 seconds.

Seriously, this should power cycle the phone and might require a few attempts for success. Just do a reboot and your good to go. Thanks again for reading and make sure to enjoy your beautiful and working Sony Xperia. I don't know if it happens with all XPerias, but mine is an SP and it was locked out completely. I attempted the simulated battery reboot that you mention to no avail.

Turns out there is a small button that says OFF when you remove the back cover, you have to press it down with a bobby pin or a pen, and once you do that it just starts up in no time. Thought it may help. Thanks for your help! Thank you so much James Bond- on Xperia X10 up volume and power button held did it for me thank you so much All the best. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and let others know that to use the Volume Up and Power buttons on the Xperia X10 model. Enjoy your working phone my friend, and thanks again for visiting the site and leaving a comment.

That sounds an awful lot like a software issue as opposed to a hardware problem which is good as there will be a better chance of fixing it. Try to boot your phone into Safe Mode, this will disable your third party apps and if the issue is being caused by an application, which is highly probable, then Safe Mode will allow the phone to boot up properly without any third party apps of course and you could then go through and remove any apps that may be the possible culprit s.

Applications that have been recently downloaded or updated are going to be the most likely suspects. If you can get your Xperia Z to boot to its lock screen again, instead of touching the screen right away do this… Once you get to your lock screen, briefly press the power key as though you were going to turn the phone off, a screen should pop up giving you a few options such as to power the phone off, Airplane mode, etc.

The phone should reboot, which may take a few minutes, but once it does, see if it will allow you to access the phone properly, if it does then check your apps to try and find any troublemakers. To exit Safe Mode just power the phone off and then back on again. If you are unable to access Safe Mode and are unable to wipe data or factory reset your Xperia Z then your next best option is going to be to use the Sony PC companion to repair it. Last time this happened to my phone I didn't think to Google a solution!

Ended up sending it away to be fixed which meant I lost everything on the memory and they had no solution for me: So grateful that someone thought to share this! Thanks for the information.

I tried the technique after my phone shut down while i was trying to upgrade it but it only succeeded in displaying SONY on the screen and still refused to work. What do I do? Help out pls. Thanks a lot I've tried to removed the battery from my Sony Xperia C but it is up to no good as the battery was non-removeable..

My phone keep flickering white screen on and off without stopping - sony xperia m4 - iFixit

Can't imagine having to wait until battery drained I tried it and it didn't work: My phone is off and I went to charge it and it wouldn't turn on so I unplugged it and the indicator light is still on saying it's charging but not plugged in! I can't find anyone who has had this same problem. It is going to depend upon the actual cause but most of the time that issue can be solved in a matter of minutes.

Since you already tried the simulated battery pull check out that article and see if it helps. I've tried your simulated battery trick all day.

Sometimes Smartphones Require Smart Solutions

Do this… Best ways to dry a wet cell phone. No modification done, not even root. Maybe try the reset button under the sim cover at bottom of phone I've tried your suggestions holding the volume down and power button simultaneously but it leaded to a screenshot, i also tried holding the volume up and power button simultaneously but it leaded to an increase of the volume. Message 7 of Otherwise that article should also help to point you in the right direction to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible.

Didn't work. The red light comes on when plugged into the charger when the power button is being pushed. When it's not plugged in no lights no response. Any ideas what to do next? Sorry to hear that your having problems with your Sony Xperia. From what you described in your comment its sounding a lot like your battery might be malfunctioning. If you have tried to charge your phone all night and have then unplugged your Xperia from the charger and have tried to do the simulated battery pull multiple times with no response then you might need to look into your options of getting a new battery.

Here is the bad part though.

My phone keep flickering white screen on and off without stopping

The phone will have to be taken apart in order to replace the battery. So if you have owned your Xperia for less than a year and there is no sign of physical or liquid damage then filing a warranty claim is going to be your best option as you can send your phone in for repair and the manufacture can replace the battery or repair the phone and then get you a working unit again. If your phone is no longer covered under warranty then you still have some options but they just are not as easy. I am sure that you have tried the Simulated battery trick times already but try a few more because I have seen it fix the issue that you are describing you never know you might get lucky on the rd try.

If you have tried charging it with a different charger, have tried charging it through a computer, or a car charger, just to rule out the charger as a possible culprit unlikely but possible , then you can take your phone into a local repair shop and have them try to fix it which can be more affordable then you think or you can try to replace the battery yourself. What model of Sony Xperia are you having problems with? Oh and one other thing… if the red light turns on when you press the power key there is a slight chance that the display might have gone out and the phone is turning on but since the screen remains black it appears like the phone is not powering on.

Try plugging your phone into a computer to see if it recognizes it. If it does and you can pull up the phones information through your computer then the best thing to do would be to backup your phones information to the computer and then instead of looking for a replacement battery consider looking for a replacement display. Im in the same boat as KGZ. If plugged into a computer. Its not recognized. If i try to charge it from wall, its not recognized.

If plugged in I have to then physically hold the power button down with tape. It will charge for a little while doing that but what inevitably happen is the phone tries to do a complete boot. God bless people like you who put such helpful information for people like us to benefit from. I was about to start freaking out until I read your article, tried it and it worked on my Xperia T, which just froze.

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I hadn't dropped it or anything, it just wouldn't display anything, and wasn't powering on or off. So thank you very much! Hi, any advice on how I can fix this problem? My Xperia won't charge. The battery died so it's off but when I plug it in, it won't charge. When I turn the phone on, it starts shutting down right away but I notice that it doesn't show that the phone is plugged in. What do I do?? Sorry to hear that your having power issues with your Sony Xperia.

There can be many different reasons as to why this is happening. It can be a bad charger, a bad battery or even the phone itself. Did this just suddenly happen or were you having any problems before it refused to turn on or charge? Had your phones battery shown any signs that it was going out such as charging very fast or draining too quickly?

Make sure that they are clean and that there is no sign of damage and if you have access to another charger then try using it to charge your phone just to try ruling out the charger as the culprit. For some more tips that you may find helpful. Otherwise that article should also help to point you in the right direction to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible. Did the trick vol down didn't work after few attempts did vol up and worked straight away thank you very much. Those types if issues can be really difficult to solve yourself though as they can be quite serious.

Many smartphones will display a warning sign during a software update warning the user not to unplug or power off the device during the update process as the phone needs to finish what its doing. When i try to turn the phone on, it just gives a small vibrate, that's it. When i apply your tips f.

If i do the same but with my volume down button, i get the same as the method with the UP button but this time the green light shows itself shortly. I also tried, tip from another website, to plug in my phone and then hold down the power button and the volume button up,, then the blue light lits permanently for as long as my phone is plugged in, if I remove the charger, the blue light disappears.