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Which android tablet to use for RR3 only?

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Join Date: Oct OP Senior Member. Jun Senior Member. Jul Here are 2 pictures I changed graphics to "extra high" but i didnt notice much difference, gameplay was acctualy really smooth, here are the pics Here you see that you acctualy see the mirror picture extra high and the blury one is medium settings 2 pic where the tire touches the grass its extra high and other one is medium i acctualy noticed how extra high is better and its pretty smooth on your device you wont even see the lag Subscribe to Thread.

Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. I found a - 32 Go and keyboard for 50 and a - 16 Go for I think I will negotiate a little the 2nd and it could be my Xmas gift. Has anyone had any experience with the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8. I have one, but not sure if it's any good for RR3. The 's will run it, but there have been issues.

Very long track loading times, compared to other users devices. You really have to try to anticipate what's going happen. Then you're just in guessing territory.

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I would not recommend these. The last model made has been out now for nearly 4 years.

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Kind of obsolete, if you ask me. I've been looking for a better tablet for a while now too, because I just don't feel my tablets are going to be able to keep up much longer, especially if FM releases V4. IcyRaven, I've been using the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro for about 2 years, generally ok but still have problems with Le Mans loading sometimes especially with the latest update which can sometimes require a restart. Also with the latest update the frame rate has become less smooth at times which can make car control a bit difficult when a race becomes "busy".

I guess at two years old the model is starting to show it's age.

Although I've always been an Android kind of person, if I were to get a new tablet just for RR3, I would and have been considering an iPad mini. I never bought one before because I felt they were overpriced. But lately, android manufacturers have been jacking up the prices to nearly what an iPad is.

So now, it seems they're all about the same cost for thier respective size. Only drawback I can see so far, if this is in fact true, it's being reported Apple is discontinuing the mini. I also have this tablet. What do you mean with "play with background processes off"? Turning off all "Running Services" in "Developer options" manually?

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I think I've found it myself: Are you sure? Email, messaging, and other apps that rely on sync may not update until you open them. Battery saver turns off automatically when your device is charging".

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After I turn on battery save, it reduces brightness too, so I turn the screen brightness back up, RR3 runs very well, even with 'reduced device performance' this tablet is still very powerful. If I take a screen shot, when I want to sync I plug in the tablet, and Google Photos will upload the screen shot, it doesn't try uploading while I'm racing.

However, I have unlocked developer options, and will try this method, this will need to be turned on and off manually, but worth a try.

Thread Search. Try these steps first to clear up any problems you may have when connecting to an EA game. No galaxy tab S2? Lol I actually use the speaker phone on calls when playing the game 10 lapper or whatever race cause that way the device is multtasking and both phone app and the game run without problems. This is the list, so far.

Since we are talking about "smooth" gameplay, what about 60 fps? I saw few videos on YouTube of Real Racing 3 in 60 fps - it's just amazing. The Samsung Tab S2 is outstanding. Powerfull and light as any tablet on the market. It is not cheap; but if you can find a refurb one I would grad it. I use a Samsung Tab A For those long team events the Tab S2 is the best there is. Due to the way the debugging mode works, the tablet is plugged in to USB, with charging on, power mode is set to optimised. I can't test low power mode, this method, I'll have to investigate more.

So will not be for everyone!

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