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BlackBerry Bible: Everything You Need to Know About Your RIM Smartphone--and PlayBook Tablet
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  3. BlackBerry Torch 9800: 10 Things You Didn't Know About It.
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  5. Free BlackBerry Apps: Nine Torch Compatible Downloads | CIO? The battery that powers the BlackBerry Torch is a completely new model, not found in any other current BlackBerry device, the mAh "F-S1" battery. It's slightly smaller than the mAh battery that ships with RIM's popular Bold smartphone , and as such, its battery life is a bit shorter. The Bold gets about 6 hours of 3G talk-time compared to the Torch's 5. It takes WAY too long. My Bold has many more applications installed than my Torch, and that no doubt affects start-up time. But I can still say with certainty that the BlackBerry 6 reboot process is much faster than BlackBerry 5.

BlackBerry users have longed for additional space to store applications on their devices for years, since that storage is restricted to a relatively small portion of the BlackBerry memory, called "application memory. In other words, BlackBerry users are able to launch only the applications that are stored within their app memory.

The bad news: This fact still holds true, and BlackBerry Torch users only have MB of application memory to store their apps, among other system software.

Download Bible 2.6.2 for Smartphone

You can still archive apps on your media card, but again, you can't use the software until it's reinstalled. However, RIM tells me that certain applications running within BlackBerry 6 can "access" some user-information and settings stored on a media card, though I'm not exactly sure how this will work or whether or not the functionality will be truly valuable. BlackBerry Keyboard Shortcuts: The following 10 BlackBerry apps are guaranteed to enhance any getaway - and help you realize the full potential of your mobile device.

BlackBerry users can finally download the new, free LinkedIn for BlackBerry application, which offers mobile access to basic LinkedIn functionality including the ability to view contacts' status updates, respond to new connection invites and send and receive LinkedIn messages. BlackBerry users just got a whole new way to store and access contacts on the go: Xobni for BlackBerry.

Here's why. Looking for the best free BlackBerry apps on the Web? Our latest set of no-cost downloads includes a mobile search option that gives new meaning to the term "hands-free" and an awesome Internet radio app that saves your stations and settings across multiple devices: PC, iPhone, BlackBerry, whatever. Most folks agree: The best kind of BlackBerry app is a free BlackBerry app. On that note, you're sure to appreciate the following five free downloads, which include a great new way to gauge your smartphone's connection speeds and a mobile-version of a classic video game.

The real challenge is not simply locating freebies, it's finding quality free BlackBerry software. That's why we put our thumbs to the keyboard and came up with five of the best free BlackBerry downloads on the Web. These five great free BlackBerry applications can help you stay up to date on news, keep in touch with colleagues and friends, communicate with social networking contacts and instantly diagnose the "health" of your handset.

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In the three months since RIM released the BlackBerry Storm in the United States, mobile software developers haven't wasted any time cranking out applications for the first touch-screen BlackBerry. Here are our picks for five of the best free BlackBerry Storm downloads the Web has to offer. RIM released its brand new touch screen BlackBerry Storm less than a month ago, but you can already find a number of quality mobile applications available for the device--and many of them won't cost you a dime.

Here are our picks for the best seven free BlackBerry Storm apps on the Web.

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Check out the following six free downloads. We know you BlackBerry lovers can never get enough software for your RIM smartphones--especially free downloads. So we assembled another handful of BlackBerry applications you don't want to miss. Grab all five of 'em right here, gratis. Research in Motion executives, including a VP of global alliances, a product management director and the co-CEO, share their favorite BlackBerry downloads.

Twitter lets you share details on whatever you're doing. But how many truly interesting activities happen in front of a PC?

Google ([[xref:|GOOG|GOOG]]) Maps

Thanks to these mobile Twitter apps for BlackBerry, wherever your smartphone goes, Twitter can follow. Can't get enough free BlackBerry downloads? Don't worry, we're here to help. We've gathered a handful of open source apps to help customize--and optimize--your RIM smartphone. But there are a few key areas in which it is lacking. You're ready to start loading all your favorite BlackBerry applications But I was able to find a handful of great apps that are available. Check out the following slides for a list of nine valuable applications for the BlackBerry Torch Best of all: You'll never have to open your wallet; all of these BlackBerry apps are free.

Free BlackBerry apps: Nine Torch 9800 compatible downloads

Simply open up your BlackBerry menu at any time and choose the Capture It option or assign the app to a convenience key for easy access. Screen shots are saved to your BlackBerry Torch's picture library. Screen shots for this slide show were taken using Capture It. Download Capture It via BlackBerry. BlackBerry Torch Hot Hardware but Software Lukewarm.

Google Maps

Sure, you can search the Web using the search section of your BlackBerry browser's "start" page, but why would you when you could employ Google's Mobile App for BlackBerry? They're meant to quickly provide cell-phone users with additional information on a given subject, and they're really quite cool. Here's why. BlackBerry Keyboard Shortcuts: And you can search via voice—no typing needed.

A Visual Tour. Google Maps for BlackBerry is a treasure trove of valuable features and information packed into a single mobile app. Find walking, biking, driving and public transit directions; view your location on a map; find nearby business listing; search by voice; check out satellite imagery of your area; view traffic alerts; and much more.

Download Google Maps via BlackBerry.

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Take God's Word everywhere you go! The Bible App is completely free—no hidden costs. • Choose from hundreds of Bible versions in many languages. • Offline. They're here! Free audio Bibles are now immediately available in the Bible App™ for BlackBerry. If you have a BlackBerry device, before you.

In comes Plug It In, a free BlackBerry app that works on the Torch and lets you choose when you want to know your battery is low: You can also choose to receive audible alerts and accompany them with custom LED colors. Flight Mode for BlackBerry downloads all additional content needed to view "truncated" BlackBerry e-mail before you turn off your device for flight. Just activate Flight Mode before your plane takes off, and the app downloads additional content, turns off wireless connections and powers down your BlackBerry.