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First Unread. Forum Thread Symbian, "Unable to install a protected application from an untrusted". I tried to install a software from torrent called RotateMe on a Nokia N95 smartphone. It gives me the error msg: Still I wasnt able to install the sis on the phone. I am not a Symbian developer - not even know what tools are needed.

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This comment has been rated as unhelpful by Slickdeals users. SlickSeeker and sharer. I would recommend not installing torrented freebie apps for Symbian phones - the risk that they contain a virus is HUGE! That said, if you're interested in risking it! You can self-sign apps as well. Please wait..

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I've tried updating my phone software, reinstalling spotify but nothing helps. How can I get it working? I found a workaround that told me to extract the installation sis file with SisContent software and install ssl. Installing ssl.

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I think that just might be the root cause of the original installation problem "installing necessary libraries. Hey Pentti, turn your clock back by 3 years and run Spotify. Installation of "necessary libraries" will complete ok. Then turn the clock back to real time. After that, restarting Spotify hung my phone but it was all ok after restarting the phone.

unable to install sis file

Spotify now seems to work nicely for me. Since you gave such great tips so pentti, maybe you could help me out too? I've had Spotify on my Nokia E71 for a long time, but recently I had the same problem as the rest in this thread installing necessary catalouges etc. But now, Nokia Store says I can't do that, the "download"-button is unclickable Do you think you can help me out? Nokia Symbian S60, set the clock to worked!

Throwback: Symbian OS Evolution (S60, Belle, Meego)

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